• EDEN: We have Role Play huds for all ages!

    ALL Adult huds: May use applications such as the FUNSIES Armoire system, radar system and even a nanny system! Adults may also use liquors/spirits, hygiene and recreational items as well as foods and drink!

    Female Adults: Experience your cycles, become pregnant, wear the EDEN Baby Bump and you can watch your baby(s) grow and even deliver! (A delivery baby is delivered but you may also purchase a FUNSIES baby on-site which will be available after the New Year in most clinics).

    Male Adults: Experience being a man and everything it encompases! Men are able to impregnate their spouse (spouses hud will show who the Dad is once conception occurs), as well as use the penis to urinate, become erect, have sex and more!

    Children Huds: All Children huds may use the available applications. Children may also use toys, hygiene and recreational items, foods and drink designed for their age!

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  • HUD details

    Design version 2
    Code version 5
    The :EDEN: Hud is in Beta mode with weekly updates