• The :EDEN: Role Play HudNovember 2016 Staff

    Bring your avatar to life! Works with FUNSIES Babies & Children.

    Please note: All huds are for avatars; adult and children avatars. Your FUNSIES children do not require a hud.

    Would you like to have a friend or family member use a hud or an app? Use our "gift" feature.

    All hud's are copy only and free delivery if lost.


  • :EDEN: Baby Bump july 2012name



    1) Grows with your pregnancy automatically

    2) Animated Baby/babies are in the Baby Bump based on the number of children you're pregnant with. If you are pregnant with 1 baby, you will see 1 baby, twins and you will see 2 babies, triplets and you see 3 babies and so on.

    3) Baby Bump tells you how many babies and their genders which you are pregnant with and then you may touch it and see them moving in your womb.

    4) Copiable - discard each womb after delivery and use a fresh Baby Bump from the box! Lost the box? It's redeliverable!

    5) Family members can interact with blowing kisses, touching etc

    6) Messages for mom may be made local (everyone sees them), owner only (only mom sees them), or silent (no one sees them)

    7) Change skins/textures easily! Wear your tummy all day, every day!

    :EDEN: will offer a few selections of skins/clothing, but we will leave the reselling of skins and textures to designers. Quality of the look is based on designer skills.

    8) Buy the designer kit and make clothing/skins for yourself and/or others! No qualifying and no store required! There is a L$30 fee per purchase to cover database space.

    9) Water breaks

    10) Baby/babies turn in preparation for delivery - births delivery baby and you can then select a real FUNSIES right in your doctor's office! You may also hand your doctor a FUNSIES baby to deliver if already purchased. Price for FUNSIES Child/ren is not included in tummy cost.

    11) Foods for your rp (do not raise stats)

    12) Please use a DEMO before buying. The tummy is copy, no mod, no trans and no refunds.

    13) Mesh tummy, but not rigged mesh so you may move it forward/back, up/down as desired. Please always keep an unaltered copy.